Commercial Grounds Maintenance in Waxahachie

A commercial landscape is more than a collection of plants, lawns, and pavers. It’s an invaluable asset that draws business and offers a space for employees and customers to enjoy the outdoors. A well-maintained landscape also contributes to the value of your Waxahachie business; as a result, you depend on quality maintenance to keep it as attractive and functional as possible.

When you choose a commercial grounds maintenance company, you don’t just hire a contractor for an afternoon. You hire a committed, dependable team of experts for year-round service. To get the most of grounds maintenance company, we’ve put together some tips for business owners in Waxahachie. We hope they help you invest in a service that makes a difference!

Be Specific About Your Grounds Maintenance Needs

When you begin accepting bids from commercial grounds maintenance companies, specificity matters. Clearly note your needs, to ensure you get attentive bids. Without defining your requirements, it’s difficult to compare pricing. You might choose a company based on their low costs but end up paying extra for services that weren’t accounted for in the estimate. Be explicit in stating what services you expect and how often. Do you want weekly summer lawn mowing and fall leaf removal services? How frequently do you want your hardscapes inspected? The more details and numbers you provide, the more you can weed out companies that don’t meet your needs.

Provide Plans of Your Property and Information on Existing Landscaping Features

It’s always a good idea to let prospective ground maintenance companies know what they’re dealing with. While many companies offer free on-site consultations, site maps provide a better sense of the job’s scope. It’s likely you’ll already have these papers from your landscape designer. This will help contractors give you a better estimate and provide more efficient service.

Inquire About Employee Training and Safety Precautions

When your commercial property is on the line, leave nothing to chance. Always make sure you hire an experienced grounds maintenance company that values training and safety. Are they licensed and insured? Do they offer worker’s compensation? Are they willing to show you proof of their safety records? You have the right to be suspicious of companies that refuse to show any proof of license, insurance or safety programs.

You should also ask about the equipment and products they use. How often do they maintain their machinery? Do they use organic products? What certifications do their contractors possess? Knowing this information ahead of time protects your investment.

Choose a Company That Checks All Your Boxes

Grounds maintenance companies promise many things. But what you really want is expertise, experience, and professionalism. A vibrant landscape requires meticulous attention to detail to stay healthy, clean and beautiful. At K & H Yard Services and Landscaping, we have the highest standards when it comes to lawn care. With years of experience managing commercial grounds, you can trust us to deliver unbeatable results.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and enjoy peace of mind.