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If you want to bring relaxation and luxury to your commercial business, consider installing an outdoor pergola. Pergolas are versatile structures that allow guests and customers to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. We guarantee you’ll notice an increase in business.

We offer a wide variety of pergolas for your commercial business. Choose from our most popular materials and styles. If you want something unique, talk to our designers about building a custom structure for your property. Here are some of our most popular pergolas:

Cedar Pergola

Cedar pergolas highlight exceptional craftsmanship. The knots in the cedar offer a beautiful texture that’s sure to be noticed by customers. With exceptionally crafted joints, gussets and rafters, a cedar pergola is a great way to beautify your outdoor space. As an added advantage, cedar pergolas even smell like the outdoors.

Because cedar brings a natural warmth, it can make your business feel like a relaxing retreat no matter where you’re located. It’s a great way to add luxury and comfort to spas and hotels.

Patio Pergola

If you own a restaurant, hotel or bar, consider adding a patio pergola to increase revenue. Uncovered outdoor seating is subject to weather conditions and can cost business owners hundreds of dollars a day. On top of that, typical outdoor seating is unavailable in the colder months—meaning less usable space.

Patio pergolas offer flexible shelters from the sun, wind, rain and snow. Open the patio pergola in the summer to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors. Close it in the winter to protect against the cold. Customers will delight in the ability to enjoy your custom patio pergola year-round.

Garden Pergola

Garden pergolas are a great way to enhance your outdoor space. Add some structure and a beautiful focal point to your commercial property. Garden pergolas also offer shelter for guests and clients in the hot summer months. Garden pergolas are ideal for golf courses, botanical gardens and condo developments.

Metal Pergola

Metal pergolas are highly functional and durable. Choose from tin, aluminum, or steel depending on your needs and budget. Unlike wood pergolas, metal pergolas deliver dynamic solutions to unpredictable weather changes. That’s right, adjustable metal pergolas offer full variable coverage. With a turn of a dial, you can rotate the louvers into a lattice shape that lets in sunshine or a flat cover that protects against rain. With this versatile option, guests and customers can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. And there’s something so melodious about the sound of rain hitting a metal roof.

Metal pergolas also offer customized options. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes that reflect your brand. For year-round comfort, we can even install heaters and ceiling fans. There’s no limit when it comes to customizing your metal pergola. From retractable curtains to accent lighting, we bring the latest in pergola technologies. Whether you own a recreational center or a restaurant, there’s no beating the versatility of metal pergolas.