Hardscaping in Ovilla

Hardscaping is the addition of human-made features to outdoor spaces. Elements of a hardscape include brick patios, driveway pavers, retaining walls, fountains, and fire pits. Unlike shrubs and lawns, pavers and stones don’t need a lot of attention. K & H Yard Services and Landscaping’s team of hardscape contractors create the best patios and pathways for your Ovilla business.

The Benefits of Commercial Hardscapes

The benefits of a well-maintained landscape are obvious. Clean and healthy grass is a beautiful attraction for guests and customers. But business owners often overlook the many advantages of a well-designed hardscape.

Properly Constructed Hardscapes Increase the Value of Your Commercial Property

No mater your business, a hardscape provides a great return on investment. Enjoy results that last.

Hardscapes Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Despite advice to the contrary, customers do judge a business by its cover. Curb appeal can be the deciding factor when it comes to whether potential customers will choose you over your competitors.

Stone and Brick Patios Attract Customers

Who doesn’t love a stone or brick patio? Built-in seating accompanied by a fire pit creates a cozy area for guests, employees and customers to relax. Set your bar or restaurant apart with an outdoor kitchen designed for entertainment and practicality. After all, who doesn’t love a meal beneath the stars? Rain, wind or shine, adjustable pergolas allow you to enjoy your patio. Enjoy Ovilla’s weather to the fullest.

Hardscapes Increase Usable Space

Looking to expand your property to get the most of its square footage? A stone terrace or a brick patio can help you do so. If sloped ground and soil erosion is plaguing your property, consider adding a retaining wall or a multi-level patio. These hardscaping features protect your soil, improve water management, and add visual appeal. Get creative with pavers and patio stones!

Hardscapes Help Define Your Space

Retaining walls and pergolas can separate areas of your property. Unlike privacy hedges, hardscape features are low-maintenance. No bi-annual trimming needed! For a truly private experience, consider adding waterfalls and fountains to block out street noise. Your customers will love the serene experience.

Pavers Direct Customers Through Your Property

You work hard to keep your lawn lush and healthy. The last thing you want is people walking all over it. The solution? Create winding walkways out of concrete, brick or cobblestone pavers. With so many paver materials to choose from, the design potential is limitless.

Hardscaping Features Are Cost-Effective

Installing a lawn is cheap, but how much time and money is needed to maintain it? Hardscapes don’t need mowing, weeding, fertilizing or watering. Save on resources with a low-maintenance hardscape. Pavers need very little attention, no matter the season.

Invest in Your Ovilla Property with a Solid Hardscape Company Near You

Our affordable hardscaping services put your business and your budget first. From decorative concrete pavers to brick patios, we have cost-effective solutions. If you need inspiration, our designers are here to help.

Contact our hardscape contractors today to get a free estimate for your commercial property. We look forward to getting started!