Outdoor Kitchens in Waxahachie

Kitchens aren’t just the centerpiece of a home. All over the world, outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity. They add functionality to backyards or commercial exteriors and allow you to make the most of nice weather. Whether you’re looking for a sleek contemporary kitchen design or a rustic space reminiscent of a Tuscan garden, K & H Yard Services and Landscaping is here to deliver.

Our Outdoor Kitchen Design Process

When you schedule your free consolation with K & H Yard Services and Landscaping’s specialists, you meet with skilled artisans who are passionate about design. Our custom kitchens are sure to check off all your boxes. Stunning appearance, low-maintenance surfaces, durability—you name it! Transform your backyard into a private upscale experience.

Our first step is to learn more about when and how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen. A kitchen designed for entertaining large groups differs from one intended for intimate dining. In addition to the built-in barbeque, do you also want a fridge and a sink? What about a wine cooler, microwave or even a television? What kind of pergola would you like to protect your kitchen from the elements? Our design consultants consider all these elements to ensure you get the kitchen you want.

Built-In Grills and Barbeques

Forget cumbersome barbeques that clash with your landscaping. Our built-in grills are subtle, classy and, most of all, effective. Nothing beats the depth of flavor provided from a grill. Talk to us about our smokers and side burners too!

Outdoor Kitchen Island

We pair aesthetics with functionality to give your outdoor kitchen island all the conveniences of its indoor counterpart. From built-in mini fridges to sinks and storage, we’ve got you covered. For a truly atmospheric design, integrate underlighting or a sound system!

Modular Outdoor Kitchens

If you’re looking for a more affordable option that still allows for customization, choose a modular outdoor kitchen. With a wide array of configurations, you can still enjoy the freedom of a unique kitchen without the price tag of a custom design.

Our Outdoor Kitchen Materials

Performance is just as vital as design when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. Our premium products deliver a level of excellence you’re sure to be satisfied with. Waxahachie’s weather can get tough between winds, heavy rainfall, and changing temperatures. By using high-end materials, we make sure your outdoor kitchen holds up no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

Our stainless-steel countertops compliment the appliances for a contemporary look. Durable and easy to clean, they’re as practical as they are sleek. Sturdy granite and textured ceramic tiles are great options for a warmer look. Natural stone pavers can help seamlessly integrate your kitchen into your existing patio. The choice is up to you!

Ready to Cook Up Some Inspiration?

Book your free consultation today. Our designers will meet you on your property to discuss your ideal kitchen. Bring your imagination to life and taste the fruits of your labour. You’ll be the number one destination for backyard entertainment in Waxahachie.